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Raw Material Of Liquid PVC

Raw Material Of Liquid PVC

How to Prepare Liquid PVC

Liquid PVC
  • Our liquid PVC material need a second processing(mixing).
  • Raw material include the PVC Powder, DINP Oil, Color Pigment mainly.
  • If you want product with a better quality, you also need add the Barium-zinc Stabilizer, the Soybean Oil and the Antioxidant.
  • The final PVC material has strong liquidity, and can be used on dripping machine better.
  • The final PVC material is environmental and no smell, the product also.
  • The final PVC material can keep for several years, as long as the seal preservation.
  • The final PVC material need to vacuum processing, the product will have better quality.
Liquid PVC
  • Powder Grade: KM-31 PVC Powder
  • Main Oil: DINP Oil
  • Color pigment: All kinds of Color Pigment
  • Stabilizer: Barium-zinc Stabilizer
  • Support Oil: Soybean Oil
Shipping & Delivery Time
  • EXW: You need to pick goods up in our factory by yourself.
  • FOB: We deliver goods to Guangzhou port, you need pay the cost.
  • CIF: We deliver goods to port in your city, you need pay the cost.
Delivery Time:
  • For Liquid PVC, need 3-10 days, according to quantity.
  • After receive the deposit, we start to making.
  • After receive the final payment, we will deliver goods.
  • Just send us an email to get more details.
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